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Lea & Gašper wedding

A story of mutual respect and love of mountains. A couple that is made of thousand shared moments, which, through conversation, came together in a meaningful and truly unforgettable story, which was displayed at their wedding.


  • Logo
  • Thank you gifts
  • Webpage
  • Invitation
  • Board with seating order
  • Table markings

lea & gašper

Building blocks of their story

favourite photo
cuddling and childish behaviour
love of music/ Mumford & Sons
wedding brand snovanje zgodbe lea in gašper. Planinski pohod


Creating a story

Through a longer conversation with the couple, we first defined key building blocks of the story - moments, objects, songs that define them and make them unique.

With these two, it was immediately clear that hiking, music, and very specific affectionate communication all play an important role in their relationship.

wedding brand opreelitev lokacije lea in gašper.


Choosing the location

In the context of the hiking part of the story, we chose a location in Gorenjska region which is mountainous - namely Brdo pri Kranju under the Storžič mountain. It's a truly wonderful location deep in the nature, which offers superb experience as the park Brdo is a real treasure trove of Kranj's aristocratic history.

Together with an experienced team of wedding coordinators at the location, we later set up the key elements of the event and determined the microlocations. Upon that, we began to string creative details.

wedding brand cgp poroke.

Visual identity

Visual identity

Visual identity of the event was based on the couple's favourite joint photo, which was taken by photographer Ana Gregorič.

Our design team drew color inspo and typography dynamics from this very photo. We truly wanted their story in every detail of the wedding.

wedding brand tiskovine.



We designed the invitation thoughtfully and uniquely as a beautiful introduction to the story. Through the minimalist design, we intertwined Lea, Gašper and their beloved mountains.

We created an invitation where their actual fingerprints are enlarged and stylized in a way that they look like isohyps maps (representing mountains). On the back side of the invitation, hidden to the first glimpse, was a quote from their favourite song.

Cherry on the top was choosing a prestigious relief print, which gives the invitation a 3D look.

wedding brand tiskovine.


Other prints.

We used the same graphic elements on all prints that were used at the event. This way we ensured that their spirit is everywhere.

Majority of prints were direction signs and information boards. Only with the right choice of print technique can event live up to its potential

wedding brand spletna stran.


Website and newsletter

For website we used their visual identity and greeted the visitors with couple's favourite photo. Along with the newsletter, the website had following functions:

  • up-to-date info for guests
  • automation of event registrations

After the wedding, the website was turned into the gallery with access only for guests.

Newsletter was also graphically coordinated with website and was for informing the guests if there were important changes or reminding them to not wear heels etc..

Therefore website and mailing holds aesthetic and functional role.


Along with »classic« materials, we wanted to show their story with some additional details.

Directing guests on the wedding

Directing guests

Like the mountains joined them, mountains also lead the couple with markings to their I DO moment.

Since there were 3 micro locations at the Brdo estate (500m distance each), we used mountain marking signs along with the mountain tables to direct the guests around the grounds. This is another example of how their story of mountains is implemented to the wedding.

wedding Photography


We actually managed to find the photographer behind their favourite photo – Ana Gregorič, who was also hired to shoot their wedding.

Social media wedding

Social media

Nowadays social media cannot be overlooked.

Therefore we created their own hashtag and instagram filter.

wedding brand - organization of weddings


We suggested a mini symbolic ritual for the wedding

Bride's maiden last name was Kralj (eng. King) so we suggested her wearing a tiara and removing it after the ceremony (along with her last name).

wedding brand - Gifts for attendees

Gifts for attendees

Since the couple is known for their party times, the gift followed the suit.

We built this idea upon 2 elements: first – they will adopt a cat 2 days after the wedding and the bride gets cross-eyed when tired or drinking.

So the gift was cute but super useful package containing isotonic and pain relieving pill – for curing hangover (hangover in Slovenian is “maček” which is literally translated into “cat”). And the picture on the TY card was of their literal cat which was photoshopped to appear cross-eyed.


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