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Tina & Tomaž wedding

This is a couple who, through their mutual love for cuisine, fell in love with each other at the same time.

Their hunger for sharing original culinary experiences is a foundation of a successful Instagram profile #gremojest (eng. Let's eat), which soon grew from a hobby into a serious business. Same happened with their love, which grey beyond the boundaries of dating into the story of marriage.


  • Logo
  • Thank you gifts
  • Webpage
  • Invitation
  • Board with seating order
  • Table markings
  • IG profile

Tina & Tomaž

Key elements of their wedding

IG profile #gremojest
wedding brand Creating the story tina in tomaž.


Creating the story

While sipping long coffees with Tina & Tomaž, which were escorted with handful of laughter, we created a story that outlines the essence of their union in one sentence. Hunger for love and original culinary experience.

Their story consists of cuisine, #gremojest, photography and their first date at Zebra Patisseries.

wedding brand location tina in tomaž.


Choosing the location

Since they are great connoisseurs of Slovenian culinary scene, we did not need to get involved in the choice of location. As big fans of coastal cuisine, they chose the picturesque and romantic Kodarin mill, which we enriched with their story.

wedding brand Visual identity wedding

Visual identity

Visual identity of the wedding

The overall visual identity of the wedding was designed in both creative and meaningful way. Thus, the key graphic element came from the culinary concept of »food plating«, which represents the art of decorating and presenting food on a plate.

Our »top chef« designer created a unique illustration and digitally placed it neatly on each visual element of the wedding.

wedding brand prints Invitation tina in tomaž.



Artistic invitation was an interpretation of a plate design in a high-end restaurant. Meaningful, minimalistic and most of all, theirs.

wedding brand wedding prints tina in tomaž.


Print materials

All print materials were presented through a coordinated graphic design, which gave the event an authentic visual signature of their story.

What really stood out here was the seating order table. Every table had its own name of couple’s special moment in the timeline of their relationship.

wedding brand wedding webpage


Website & newsletter

Website greeted the guest with couple’s photo, which was “Instagram styled”.

We truly wanted these materials to be functional, therefore we automatized event registration and after the wedding, the website was turned into the gallery.

wedding brand video



Imaginatively composed collage of videos and photos greeted the guests and led them into couple’s story. The inspiration here was also Instagram filter.


These details, like cherry on top, make the event stand out.

Gifts for guests idea

Gifts for guests

As the Slovenian proverb says "vrniti nekomu milo za drago", we played with a word “milo” and used its other meaning – soap (instead of gentle).

Handmade soap was the gift of choice for attendance.

Social media and wedding

Social media

Tag #gremoseporočit

It would be a sin if we did not create a unique Instagram filter with #gremoseporočit (eng. #letsgetmarried). This way we unified all posts from the wedding.

Hand made materials on the wedding

Hand made

It’s important to notice that actually some parts of the graphic elements were hand made.

Like golden flakes on a seating order table.

wedding brand - Wedding cake

Wedding cake

Finishing detail that concluded the wedding the way their relationship started.

The wedding cake was exactly the one they ate on their first date.


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