Creating your story

Defining your story and creating graphic details of the wedding.

  • Key building blocks of the story
  • Creative details
  • Slogan
  • A brief summary of the story
  • Story integration
wedding brand oblikovanje tiskovin

Prints Design

Choosing paper type, printing technique and other premium design accessories.

  • Invitation
  • Folder
  • Labels
  • Menu list
  • Marking systems
wedding brand web design

Web design

Considering aesthetics of your wedding with proper user experience.

  • Webpage
  • Online gallery
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Attendance confirmation system
  • Reservation system
wedding brand thank you gifts

Thank you gifts

Thank your wedding guests for attendance with creative gifts that won't easily be forgotten.

  • Conceptual design
  • Content definition
  • Design
  • Realization
wedding brand video production

Video production

On your request we can also help with a creative video of the wedding.

  • Scenario design
  • Video presentation of the couple's story
  • Video projection of details
  • Filming of the wedding
  • Editing and post-production
  • Animation
wedding brand consulting


Cannot decide which flowers would look best with your graphic design? No problem, we can help you sort out various dilemmas which will make your wedding care-free.

  • Design consulting
  • Help with organization
  • Trusted subcontractors
  • Problem solving
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1st STEP

Through conversation we extract your story which gives us a basis for design.

2nd STEP

Creating the concept based on the story with first drafts of graphic materials.

3rd STEP

Logo design and other graphics design.

4th STEP

Designing prints and other materials.

5th STEP

Webpage design for attendees and mailing template design.

6th STEP

Finishing creative details of the wedding.


Lea & Gašper wedding

A story of mutual respect and love of mountains. This is how they stepped to their future – with markings that lead them (and their guests) to the I DO moment.

lea & gašper


Tina & Tomaž wedding

The story of Tina and Tomaž is intertwined through their joint project and at the same time their great passion - the culinary portal #gremojest. The event was thus connected by cuisine and the tag #greemoseporočit.

Tina & Tomaž